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Energized Drinking Water

(GIE water, the revolution in drinking water purification)

Out of the high-quality drinking water of Rostock, we “produce” “alive” energized drinking water with a drinking water activator, which can be used for instance to make coffee or tea. Furthermore we provide you with this premium energized drinking water, free of charge, on every corridor of each floor and in the medical-wellness-vital health area. In your room / suites you will find a carafe and glasses in order to drink and enjoy this living water. Try and enjoy this premium water, which in this form and in high-quality wellness-hotels, e.g. in Italy is only offered for a lot of money.

Top news – the inventor of the GIE-technology was awarded with the MÈDALLE DÒR (gold medal) on April 20, 2007 at the “Inventors Convention in Geneva (“SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS GENÈVE”) for his GIE-Technologie dáctivation de Léan.

For the exact technical system with which we produce the energized active drinking water which we made available to you -free of charge- and with which among other things coffee and tea is prepared with in the kitchen of our breakfast restaurant.

The trade press opined in the textbook: “GIE water, the revolution in the drinking water purification” by Wulf Alsen.

“Why did I write a book about the Engineer Peter Gross and his GIE water?”

Excerpt from the above book:

“The answer is very simple. Because after hundreds of tests this water convinced me completely. And many tests are still running, especially in the health and botanical area. I, for one know with certainty that this GIE water is as yet the only possibility for the future of mankind to effectively oppose the intoxication by some evil fellow men.

This water neutralizes all chemical and physical toxins and causes, even while we eat, that the aftermath does not occur. This water eats up illnesses and motivates to think about how it can be advantageous to man, to nourish and care for oneself. This water guarantees healthy and extraordinary ample vegetation, and animals prefer from 2 buckets of water (1 x tap water, 1 x GIE water), the bucket with GIE water, which speaks for itself. It tastes and smells different, more pure, clear and more fresh.

This water cleans the residential air, by assimilating dust and housing smog, transforming and ligating it. This water evaluates the residential air by converting the frequency of bad edibles and reforms the good into optimum. You can taste it and will see the effect on the long run. Finally this water, through the progressive bowel cleansing and detoxification of the body, ensures that the spiritual assertiveness (realization of dreams for instance) and the ability and efficiency of meditations contain a force, that would not otherwise be possible.”

The textbook “GIE water, the revolution in the drinking water purification” can be bought at the ICH-BIN-Verlag, Bad Lauterberg 2005, ISBN 3-933134-35-8, further information at