News of the Hotel

(Presentation in April 2009)

The star design of Mr. John Woulfe (Sydney/AU) in the Residenz-Strandhotel

“Warnemünde has its 4th lighthouse”

Presentation of the design lighthouse by Mr. John Woulfe, Sydney/AU on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 in the Residenz-Strandhotel”

Family Wozniak was introduced to Mr. John Woulfe on the occasion of the presentation of the hotel movie of “Residenz-Strandhotel” in February 2007 in the “Four Seasons Hotel” in Sydney/AU. In an adjoining gallery Mr. Woulfe was presenting some of his art works. Already at that time Family Wozniak was very interested in his works, as he uses a special hand carving technique and connects materials such as stainless steel, Australian timber and sandstone, to create unique designs.

At that point we were yet unaware of the worldwide success of this artist.

In May 2008 we commissioned Mr. John Woulfe to create a lighthouse for the lobby in our “Residenz-Strandhotel” in the Baltic resort in Warnemünde. After lots of coordination and sorting his other assignments, the artist started sculpting the lighthouse in the fall of 2008. End of January 2009 the project was then completed.

Star Designer John Woulfe, Sydney / AU

As part of the project preparation and the intensive collaboration with Mr. John Woulfe, we then realized what a star this artist was and not only in Australia but also in major cities such as: Dubai, New York, Montreal or London.

In February 2009 Mr. John Woulfe presented his art work in a transportation box on a pick up in the entrance area of the “Four Seasons Hotel” in Sydney. In a very short amount of time we were surrounded by a crowd of people who also wanted to get a glimpse of the lighthouse. Also because it is rather unusual to mount a large box in front of the hotel, pull out a cordless screwdriver and open up the lid of the box.

Family Wozniak already had the chance to admire the art work on a photograph which had been sent in advance in an email, but in reality and with the sun’s reflections this work was far more impressing. We considered this art work a great success.

As also already on the phone and in emails, we now got to know Mr. John Woulfe in person as a very modest artist, who also in his dress code is a true Australian. Mr. John Woulfe, his wife Christin and his daughter Anne-Marie then spent their day with Family Wozniak in Sydney. In the evening we enjoyed dinner together, right on the Rocks at the harbor of Sydney, opposite the world famous opera house.

Among other things, the further cooperation between the Designer and the Family Wozniak / “RESIDENZ-STRANDHOTEL” was agreed upon. The lighthouse project for our hotel will be included in the world reference list as first project for Europe, which does fill Family Wozniak with pride and further raises the degree of popularity for the Baltic resort Warnemünde.

In the current edition of “the” yacht magazine “GO BOATING”; issue of February 2009 for Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and Asia a large article was published on the work of Mr. John Woulfe with a full-page reprint of our lighthouse.

For further information we are showing a corporate video about the artist, his works and the creation of our lighthouse in our library / conservatory. And for further questions, you may use the information area in the lobby, on the left side next to the design lighthouse, or ask Mr. Wozniak. Please also see the website of Mr. John Woulfe where the lighthouse of the “RESIDENZ-STRANDHOTEL” is shown in his Gallery among many other art works.