The 4th lighthouse of Warnemünde

Actually the story of the 4th lighthouse of Warnemünde begins on quite another end of the world, in Australia. Family Wozniak was introduced to star designer Mr. John Woulfe in Australia 2008.

Inspired on his spectacular wall sculptures, the idea was born to create a special work of art for the own hotel. For me it was clear that it must be a lighthouse, says Mr. Wozniak, by the way mr wozniak is diplomatic representative of Prince Leonard of the “Principality of Hutt River” (Australia) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in the Baltic resort Warnemünde.

The lighthouse as a work of art also has a symbolic character, says Mrs. Wozniak. The lighthouse stands for the whole region and the desire that there should be in the future even more tourist attractions.

After the idea was born Wozniaks worked with Australian artist John Woulfe and developed the 4th Warnemünder lighthouse. For family Wozniak, this was a very intense time because simultaneously the hotel season starts.

In February 2008 it was time. The artwork was presented in Sydney.

For a moment the small baltic resort was center of media attention of the Australian media, which mainly appreciated the symbolic of this idea. The official unveiling of the lighthouse was two months later on 26/04/2010 in the hotel.

Since then a year has passed, but the interest is unbroken. Marketing today is not to make only advertising for the own hotel,

Manfred Wozniak says. His philosophy is long-term concepts for the region and Warnemünde be seen as a whole, and according to commercialize art plays an important role. For Wozniaks this project was only a beginning, already in place, they plan other highlights for Warnemünde.